Maisie and Neil – Aylesbury

2017 wedding season officially kicked off for us this January, and it was in style!

Aylesbury, Bucks was the destination with Maisie and Neil being the happy couple.

We met Maisie (The Bride) & Lucy (Mother of the bride) in early 2016 at their local church, St Mary’s Aylesbury. After seeing the venue we could totally see why they wanted to get married there, the beautiful alcoves and stained glass along with the sheer height to the ceilings added to the majesty of the church. Maisie explained that her parents had got married here and that she wanted to carry on that tradition.
Her vision was that she wanted the church to be covered in candles or fairy lights as she loves Harry Potter and wanted it to look a little like the dining hall at Hogwarts with the floating candles!

Afternoon Tea – The Choices!

We talked a little more about their choice of afternoon tea and Maisie explained that she had a sweet tooth (don’t we all!) and didn’t want the traditional sit down meal, she had chosen a dark red wedding dress instead of the traditional white and had always enjoyed afternoon tea with the quirkiness of mis-matched china, she wanted to enjoy a sit down service but with cake, sandwiches & hot chocolate. We knew that we could really bring to life what Maisie had wanted and were over the moon when they chose Mrs Jones Tea to cater their wedding in 2017.

Polka Dots

After meeting up again at Lucy’s house this time for the food tasting, we brought along a couple of teacups that we thought Maisie would like on the top table – she fell in love with our red polka dot cup and saucer set which co-ordinated with her dress! The Bride & Groom to be were left suitably stuffed and excited about the wedding tea in the coming weeks!

polka dot china

The Church and Venue

Mrs Jones’ team had gone down to the Church the night before the wedding to set up the tables. Set in place at the side of the church the dressed tables were then ready to be moved into place after the wedding ceremony.

A Gorgeous Winter Wedding

St Mary’s Church looked incredibly wintry with reams of handmade bunting made by the mother of the bride and fairy lights adorning the alcoves around the church with tiny fairy lights in the middle of the wedding tables, just as Maisie had wanted. These touches created such a beautiful warm glow to make it a really cosy winter wedding.

One Big Space

Maisie and Neil chose to hold their wedding ceremony, afternoon tea & evening reception all in the same space.  St Mary’s Church is big enough to do this and only required the tea team to do two quick changes to the furniture – from ceremony to sit down reception and then from sit down reception to dancing space.

The Menu

The 90+ guests indulged in the bespoke tea menu created by the Bride and Groom which included two varieties of quiche, finger sandwiches (including our ever popular butchers ham variety), scones, meringue kisses, brownie squares, large centrepiece cakes and Maisie’s favourite – Caramel Slice with slightly runny caramel to which we were very happy to oblige. Our Bride who was not a tea drinker opted instead for hot chocolate in her colour co-ordinated vintage tea cup!

Don’t Forget the Children

The children invited to the wedding weren’t forgotten and had their own special boxes filled with goodies to eat! Activities were included to keep them occupied whilst the adults chatted! The Bride’s Mother even kept one of the word searches to take for Maisie and Neil to do the following day.

Tea and Tears

The tea and tears flowed when the Bride took to the piano to serenade her new husband and their guests. One of the Mrs Jones team couldn’t contain the tears whilst listening from the kitchen.
A wonderful winter wedding and a great way to kick of a new year.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Randall!

“We all had such a fantastic time and everyone commented on how fabulous the food was and how smoothly it all went (what a team you have). The kids loved their little packs and I brought one, which had been partially done, for Maisie and Neil to keep. I can’t thank you enough for reducing my stress levels to almost zero on the day. We had such a wonderful day. ” – Lucy – Mother of the Bride

mrs jones tea food and china